Artwork of 425.000 euro edited ‘by accident’

A work of art worth 425.000 euros was edited ‘by accident last week with black paint. The panel was in a mall. A duo came by and thought that they could also ‘cooperate’ on the whole.

The work of American artist John Perello is seven meters wide and almost two and a half meters high. The unnamed work was created in 2016 in Seoul, in front of the public. Meanwhile, it has been exhibited in the shopping center. In front of the artwork are paint jars and brushes, as part of the presentation.

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The two were captured by security cameras from the mall and could be apprehended. After questioning, the two were released: โ€œThey made a mistake. They thought it was art in which the public could participate and that it was allowed,โ€ said the head of the exhibition. โ€œWe are now in consultation with the artist about whether we should repair it or leave it so.โ€

In the

meantime, a fence has been placed around the artwork in order to prevent further ‘edits’.