As early as September 3, Ghost of Tsushima will add PvPve โ€” absolutely free for everyone

Sony announced that Ghost of Tsushima Co-operative Legends will be competitive on September 3 โ€” developers will release a free update with the modeโ€ Rivals. โ€ It is contested by two teams of two samurai โ€” players have to destroy waves of enemies. For killing is given a special resource of magatam, which is spent on pattening competitors.

You can block purchases, curse and the like. To win, you need to accumulate more resources to activate a decisive battle, and before rivals destroy enemies.

The mode resembles โ€œGambitโ€ for Destiny 2. However, this is not all โ€” with the release of the directors version of the game on August 20, Legends will be changing.

For example, the balance of Survival will change so that the duration of matches became shorter. In addition, there will be new weekly trials for high levels of difficulty.

Developers will also migrate more gear items from the single player campaign. And from September 10 to October 1, more Legends content will be released, including an elaborate raid and new maps for Rivals and Survival.

But its not all: first, all of the above will be available to all Ghost of Tsushima owner โ€” even those who wont buy the directors version second on August 20โ€ Legendsโ€ will allow purchase separately for 1,429 rubles. More on CCeit The Ascent became the biggest premiere of Curve Digital Mortal Kombat 11 leader in Russia and other EMEAA data for 2021 Activision Blizzard investors sue upvoted for downmodding the companys problems.