‘As long as a goal of Ajax hurts at Feyenoord, I already like it’

David Endt expects that Ajax, when it reaches its level, will win relatively easily from Feyenoord on Sunday. The former press secretary of the Amsterdammers hopes that the players of the leader will play with conviction on Sunday.

Endt predicts a victory of Ajax in the Classical. โ€œIf Ajax plays on a normal level with that conviction, the willpower and the willingness to make Feyenoord suffer pain, I think they will win with 3-0,โ€ he says to Ajax Showtime. โ€œThe conviction is the most important factor in giving everything for profit from the willingness.โ€
Despite the fact that the RAS-Amsterdammer expects an easy victory for Ajax, he attaches more importance to a difficult victory. โ€œThe best victory I find is the matches you close wins. If you win with big numbers, then there is euphoria and it‘s all fun, but the best ones are the duels in which you have to compete for the three points.โ€
According to him, the goals that are scored in such a match do not necessarily have to be beautiful. โ€œFringe doesn’
t always have to. I find goals that really matter just as beautiful as brilliant finds and distance shots or whatever. When the goal weighs heavily and the Feyenoord hurts, I already like it.โ€