As part of gamescom 2022, 25 minutes of High on Life were shown

Justin Roiland, creator of the animated series Rick and Morty, and Squanch Games, founded by him, presented their new game at gamescom 2022. This is a High on Life shooter, and thanks to IGN, we can see 25 minutes of its gameplay. In High on Life, our hero is an uninitiated and unambitious graduate of the school.

But everything changes for him when his constant companion is a talking and even chatty weapon (voiced by Justin Roiland himself). In the video, we can see the passage of one of the initial missions.

To prove his usefulness, the hero must go to the slums and return the knife stolen by one of the dangerous thugs. And there we will have a lot of bright meetings and dangerous situations.

High on Life is released on December 13 on Xbox and PC and immediately falls into the Xbox Game Pass catalog. More on Gambling Addiction BioShock was entrusted to the director of โ€œThe Hunger Gamesโ€ Francis Lawrence Gotham Knights authors showed Nightwing‘s battle with Harley Quinn Everywhere, Leslie’s new game Benzis, will do without NFT and blockchain.