As part of Neon Dawn operation for Rainbow Six Siege to introduce Aruni operative

Ubisoft introduced the first teaser of the next Rainbow Six Siege operation โ€” it was named Neon Dawn (โ€œNeon Dawnโ€). Along with this, the company introduced a new defender, Aphu Tawarung under the call sign Aruni. Several years ago she took part in joint with โ€œTermiteโ€ operation which went bad, from – for which the girl lost an arm.

However, that did not stop her from staying in line. Judging by the teaser, one of the girls gadgets was some projection for use in doorways.

For what she specifically will know 8 numbers when the new season is fully presented. More on CCeit Author Phasmophobia after success revised plans for the development of the game Ghostrunner is released on Nintendo Switch on November 10 Fantastic โ€œsoulslickโ€ Hellpoint will update for PS5 and Xbox Series.