AS Roma wins and helps Feyenoord to ticket for Europe League pool phase

AS Roma can still work towards the Conference League final against Feyenoord with a relief. The Giallorossi had not won five Serie A matches in a row, but still secured a spot in the top-six and next season‘s Europa League against Torino. What consequences does that have for opponent Feyenoord?
s give it away right away: both Feyenoord and AS Roma will immediately enter the Europa League group stage this season, no matter how the very first Conference League final ends. The winner of that final will receive a direct Europa League ticket, but AS Roma also qualifies for the Europa League through their own competition. Because it itself will finish fifth or sixth and cup winner Internazionale has already qualified for the Champions League.
Both Feyenoord and AS Roma certainly of Europa LeagueAlso in the Netherlands, the battle for the cup had consequences for the European ticket distribution. Feyenoord benefited from the fact that cup winner PSV became second in the Eredivisie. As a result, Eindhoven residents are of no use to the placement for the last Europa League preliminary round, which they receive as a cup winner: that European ticket will advance to number three, Feyenoord. But the Conference League finalists will also be allowed to skip that final Europa League preliminary round next season. In other words: if Feyenoord wins the final itself, it will not enter until the pool phase anyway.
And if Roma becomes the lucky one in Tirana, the Italians have two Europa League tickets at the same time: based on their Conference League win and on the basis of their fifth or sixth place in Serie A. One of those two group stage tickets will be released and goes to number seven on the placement list. . And let that just be the Netherlands…
The chance of Pot 1Feyenoord can therefore already prepare for the Europa League draw of 26 August after the final of May 25. It also has a chance to end up in the most heavily occupied pot. If Feyenoord wins the Conference League, it will be in Pot 1 during the Europa League draw next season. If that does not work, Feyenoord may still be able to fall back on its coefficient score of 40,000.
For the time being, only two higher-ranked clubs have been placed for the next Europa League edition: AS Roma (98,000) and fellow countryman SS Lazio (53,000). Depending on the Premier League ending and the Portuguese Cup Final, there may be more Manchester United (105,000), Tottenham Hotspur (83,000) or Arsenal (80,000), Sporting Braga (46,000), plus a few dropouts from the Champions League preliminaries. To be continued.
Source: Bert Kassies