As soon as more is asked of PSV, Gakpo and Veerman cant handle it

Kenneth Perez, Pierre van Hooijdonk and Marciano Vink judge very hard about PSV. The people of Eindhoven did not get further than a 1-1 draw against Bodรธ/Glimt in the Europa League on Thursday.
Due to a great rescue by Walter Benรญtez, PSV even escaped defeat in injury time. โ€œWho lets this man walk?โ€ Perez responds at ESPN. โ€œJoey Veerman. In the very, very last minute. He probably thought: Mwene will win that game. For the same money, you lose this game. In the second half, there was a little more energy in it, but yes, is it allowed? PSV really needs to dig deep. According to shape, to hold. If you see PSV now, you cant really say this is a championship candidate, can you? That this is a team that will compete for the championship?โ€
Pierre van Hooijdonk believes that coach Ruud van Nistelrooij
s team is already very dependent on Xavi Simons. โ€œEveryone hangs with their whole body on the back of one young player: Simons. Normally that would be Luuk de Jong, but Simons has proven that he is already extremely important to this PSV. If it runs like the past few weeks, he has to be the one who comes up with ideas.โ€
Vink points with the critical finger at Cody Gakpo and Veerman, among others. โ€œAs soon as more is requested from this PSV, you will see the puppets falling away. Gakpo, Ferryman. Apparently, they cant handle this. Gakpo makes a great goal, but ultimately brings too little. The whole of PSV brought too little. After rest, it was a bit better. There was a little more faith in it.โ€