Asensio prefers to speak Spanish, but a Dutch greeting can still be done

It will probably not have escaped you that in Real Madrid and the Spanish national team half a Dutchman is walking around. The story of Marco Asensio has few secrets: Spanish father, Dutch mother.

But although 50 percent Dutch blood flows through his veins, the 24-year-old attacker prefers to do an interview with the friendly meeting between his mother and homeland in Spanish. โ€œThat‘s better.โ€

It ‘s

still possible to give his family greetings in the Netherlands. โ€œToo bad they can‘t come to see the game, but I’m very glad I‘m here. This country is special to me, half of my family come from Holland.โ€

That Asensio, who was out for almost a year with a severe knee injury, plays in red on Wednesday night and not in orange, is his own choice. Then coach Danny Blind approached him in 2015 to play for the Dutch team. โ€œBut in the end I had to choose and I wanted to come out for Spain. I’m still happy about that, yes.โ€