Assassins Creed: Unity runs in 60 FPS on Xbox Series X

Digital Foundry continues to experiment with Xbox Series X โ€” now the disk specialists have launched the release version of Assassins Creed: Unity, where the frame rate is unlocked. So experts have already tested the game on Xbox One X, but due to the limitations of the AMD Jaguar processor, a large increase in performance in the open world could not be achieved, and special patches for consoles did not release. Xbox Series X is different because of the use of a much more powerful AMD Zen 2 CPU, which runs the game at 60 frames per second without problems โ€” in two hours of testing the frequency has never dropped below this value.

Access to the version of the game with an unlocked frame rate can only be accessed from the disc, because in digital versions the most up-to-date version is immediately downloaded โ€” and there the frequency is blocked on 30 FPS. At the time, developers, as noted in DF, clearly overestimated the capabilities of PS4 and Xbox One, which caused performance problems โ€” the main difficulties are due to weakprocessor, to which Unity was particularly demanding because of many technical innovations.

Among advanced technologies, especially note rendering of hair and materials, depth of field and lighting โ€” it was not dynamic, and all data was stored in textures for each time days. However, in general it looked much more spectacular than when the dynamic change of day in the new AC.

Unfortunately, since Assassins Creed: Unity has not been updated for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the console versions work in 900p resolution, causing big problems with โ€œlozeng» on screen. In addition, LOD objects leaves much to be desired.

The Digital Foundry team expects that the fresh video will encourage Ubisoft to update the game for new consoles โ€” at least unlocking the frame frequency and increasing the resolution. Where Xbox One gave out 28 frames, Xbox One X gives out 38 frames and Xbox Series X holds a stable 60 FPS.

In general โ€œUnityโ€ still looks very good, and many technical innovations of the game are lost in future releases of the series, which look much modest. Due to weak PS4 and Xbox One processors in Ubisoft clearly threw certain technical features of the game in subsequent releases of Assassins Creed โ€” the same method of rendering hair is much easier, and materials of clothing have come to know.

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