Assault Army Christchurch gets heaviest sentence ever imposed in New Zealand

Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist who attacked two mosques in New Zealand Christchurch in March last year, has been sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of early release.

The attacks killed 51 people. Australian Tarrant broadcast the footage of the massacre live on Facebook. In March he unexpectedly confessed guilt in 51 murders, 40 attempted murders and terrorism. Tarrant had previously just denied being guilty.

The 29-year-old man was given the maximum penalty. It’s the first time it has been imposed in New Zealand. According to the judge, Tarrant’s actions were so malicious, that a life sentence is not enough to make a fine. “Your actions were inhumane. “You deliberately murdered a 3-year-old child clinging to his father’s leg

Residents respond relieved to the judge’s verdict:

After the attacks in Christchurch, the arms law in the country was tightened. For example, automatic and semi-automatic weapons were banned.