Assemble Entertainment saves the world with special editions of games

Publishing house Assemble Entertainment announced a new initiative, for which they took the slogan Assemble. Saving the World. Game by Game: โ€œAssemble.

Save the world. Game by game.

โ€ As part of this initiative, the company produces special editions of its games. Assemble Entertainment has already prepared versions of Save the World for four games.

They include exclusive materials like art, soundtracks and materials about the creation of the game. And additional proceeds will go to charitable purposes.

Buying a special edition Endzone – A World Apart will lead to the fact that the Foundation One Tree Planned will plant another tree. At the moment 40 thousand trees have already been planted around the world.

Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice: Save the World Edition will help the organization ShareTheMeal, which gives food to needy children all over the world. Each purchase will help feed two children.

From the cost of the special edition Encodya 10% will go to the charity initiative Plan International, which ensures respect for childrens rights and equality for girls. The movement is particularly supported by orphans.

Finally, buyers of Ultimate ADOM โ€” Caverns of Chaos: Save the World Edition provide contributions to the international cancer research agency IARC. Find all Assemble Entertainment offers are available on Steam and GOOG.

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