Astonishment at the unprecedented washing of Ajax: ‘Arena should treat ovation’

Ajax had an absolute disaster night in the Champions League. Napoli turned out to be far and far too strong for the people of Amsterdam, who are getting a lot of trouble on Twitter. Some of the reactions after the 1-6 defeat in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

90-minute roundo #ajxnap #ajanap
โ€” Mario van der Ende (@MariovanderEnde) October 4, 2022

Insecration. I think thats the appropriate word for the 1-6 in the Arena. #ajanap
โ€” Jeroen Grueter (@Jeroen_Grueter) October 4, 2022

Ajax players shouted out and owed away by a large part of the following (while Kees Prins sings that it can really thaw and freeze).
โ€” Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) October 4, 2022

The European evenings under Erik ten Hag were not appreciated everywhere in Brabant, but the results did speak volumes. Ajax was often so good in the Champions League. Curious how this set loss works at Ajax, while PSV is also completely out of shape.
โ€” Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) October 4, 2022

Yes, they also know where they are at Ajax. #ajanap
โ€” Willem Vissers (@vkwillemvissers) October 4, 2022

Result #AjaNap looks like my sons gradebook; 1 six and the rest insufficient.
โ€” Rob Scheepers (@RobScheepers) October 4, 2022

This weekend in Leeuwarden witnessed an unprecedented beating. In Amsterdam, the demolition hammer is also used for a while. Hello, say hello.
โ€” Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) October 4, 2022

The true nature of the fan does come out in dark times. Wonder whos getting the most scorned tonight? Schreuder and his team or self-proclaimed supporters? Shocking and astonishing unmasking of the Ajax supporters.
โ€” Tijmen van Wissing (@vanwissing) October 4, 2022

Gosh.. #ajanap
โ€” Toine v Peperstraten (@toinevp) October 4, 2022

Owl. There is much to say about this performance.. #ajanap
โ€” Hรฉlรจne Hendriks (@hendrikshelene) October 4, 2022

As Bernabeu once treated Ajax with an ovation, so the ArenA will soon be able to do with Napoli, of course. You love a club and football and you can definitely enjoy the latter.
โ€” Jurriaan van Wessem (@JurrVanWessem) October 4, 2022