AstraZeneca and Oxford University resume vaccine test

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University have resumed testing of their corona vaccine in the UK. This has been authorised by the British public health authority.

Testing was stopped all over the world on 6 September, because a test subject in the UK had received serious and unexplained complaints. The news came out this week.

The UK regulator started an investigation to find out whether the complaints were related to the administration of the test vaccine. Apparently that is not the case. AstraZeneca says that the study has been completed and that the regulator is recommending that testing should continue in the UK. Whether that is the case in other countries is still unclear. It is also being tested in Brazil, the United States and South Africa.

Inflammation of the spinal cord

A spokesman for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) yesterday confirmed to the CCeit that the test subject who had fallen ill had acute inflammation of the spinal cord. In July, one participant had similar complaints. AstraZeneca’s investigation was also shut down at that time. After research it appeared that this participant, without knowing it, suffered from multiple sclerosis. After a few days the examination could then be resumed.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is one of the six vaccines that may come onto the market in the Netherlands, and one of the few that is already being tested in a Phase 3 trial. A total of 300-400 million of these vaccines have been earmarked by the European Union, the first of which is expected to come onto the market at the earliest by the end of this year.