AstraZeneca wants to fulfill delivery appointment, also in the Netherlands

AstraZeneca is going to supply 180 million vaccines to EU Member States in the second quarter, as agreed. Half of them come from the EU production lines, the rest should be produced elsewhere, says a company spokesman to DeccEit.

If this commitment by the British Swedish pharmaceutical company is complied with, it means that the Netherlands will receive the previously promised 6.8 million doses in the second quarter.

Press agency Reuters reported at the beginning of the evening that the 27 Member States would receive less than 90 million doses in the second quarter. The news agency had heard this from an anonymous EU source involved in the negotiations with the British-Swedish pharmaceutical. AstraZeneca said in a response that it would do its โ€œbestโ€ to meet the agreements.

The Dutch Ministry of Health was told by the pharmaceutical that it would receive about 4 million doses in the second quarter instead of the agreed 6.8 million.

That caused irritation to Minister De Jonge. โ€œAstraZeneca is a very complicated company to make steady appointments,โ€ he said at the beginning of the evening during the press conference with Prime Minister Rutte. โ€œThere will be changes in the delivery schedule at the assembly line. To go crazy. The deliveries ultimately determine the speed at which we vaccinate.โ€