Astrid Kersseboom wins The Smartest Man

Presenter of the CCeit Journaal Astrid Kersseboom is this season’s winner of the knowledge quiz De Slimste Mens. In the final match she competed against opera singer Francis van Broekhuizen and commentator of CCeit Sport Jeroen Grueter

“I didn’t expect to win, you can’t expect that when you start something like that. It also depends on chance and happiness”, said Kersseboom at the table with the TV programme Op1.

The presenter had well thought about whether she would participate in the program. “You think about that for a moment: am I going to take that risk”, says Kersseboom. “It was just a lot of fun to participate.”

Astrid Kersseboom with her trophy from The Smartest Man:

The programme of broadcaster KRO-NCRV is presented by Philip Freriks. Historian Maarten van Rossem is a member of the jury. Every episode three BN’ers compete against each other.

In the finals, the battle went even for a long time. Francis van Broekhuizen dropped out first, because she stumbled over a question about pandas. Then Grueter and Kersseboom took on each other. “A CCeit affair”, said presenter Freriks.

Astrid Kersseboom finally defeated Jeroen Grueter with a knowledge question about the British dish fish and chips:

The Smartest Man has been running for sixteen seasons and continues to gain popularity. On Thursday, the semifinal of the programme set a viewing record with 1,985,000 viewers. A spokesman for KRO-NCRV says it was easier to find participants this season.

“Because of corona it was easier to tie up BN’ers, because the agenda of many people was less full. That meant we had a varied group of participants, which in our opinion explains part of the popularity.”

Jeroen Grueter showed himself to be a sporty loser on Twitter: