Astronaut Michael Collins (90), who remained in the Apollo 11, died

The American NASA astronaut Michael Collins died of cancer at the age of 90. His family has announced that. Collins, together with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, was part of the famous Apollo 11 mission in 1969 that put the first people on the moon.

Collins was also called the โ€œforgotten astronaut.โ€ While his colleagues were allowed to walk on the lunar surface, Collins stayed behind to control the spacecraft. Previously, he was a member of NASA‘s Gemini-10 mission and took a number of space walks.

Collins said he wasn’t jealous or lonely while his colleagues were scouting the moon. โ€œNo. I was impressed by the beautiful earth and I was very happy to be where I was. I enjoyed the coffee, music, the whole spacecraft for me alone.โ€

NASA, shortly after the announcement of his death, posted a video in memory of Collins online:

91-year-old Buzz Aldrin is now the only remaining crew member of the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong died in 2012.