Asylum seeker who stabbed Rik van de Rak (18) to death in Oss in court

The 25-year-old Sudanese asylum seeker Ayoub Abdallah Y. denies anything to do with the death of 18-year-old Rik van de Rak, who was stabbed to death on the Julianasingel in Oss on the early Sunday morning of 19 April last year.

Reporter Saskia Belleman is present at the trial and tweets live. Her tweets can be found at the bottom of this post.

Thats what the defendant said on Friday morning in the court of Den Bosch where he was on trial for stabbing the boy. In one breath, however, Ayoub Y. also said that he did not remember. All he knew was that he woke up confused that day.

There were โ€œinsects or invisible things that put pressure on his brain,โ€ and scared him, he said. They wanted to kill him. Ayoub A. was convinced of that.

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โ€œ I suffered a lot in the period before,โ€ the defendant told the court. He said that โ€œthingsโ€ pressed his stomach, causing him to vomit all the time and not keep food inside.


On April 19, the tension was apparently so high that he left his home shortly after 7:00 a.m., intending to leave the country. His path crossed that of 18-year-old Rik, who was on his way to his job in a retirement home. He attacked the boy from behind. The knife he had on him went right through the backpack and pierced Riks lungs and esophagus.

He tried to call for help, grabbed his phone and called his stepfather. He only heard Rik mention his name. After that, it became quiet, and he lost connection with his stepson. Only minutes later the phone was picked up and heard someone say, โ€œLeave him in the roadside.โ€

Victim awaited

On surveillance footage, Ayoub Y. is on the bike, followed by Rik four minutes later. In those few minutes, Ayoub Y. parked his bike in the bushes and waited for his victim.

Passers-by who saw Rik lying on his stomach in the roadside thought of a traffic accident. They alerted the emergency services. Ayoub Y. was on his way to the station. There he was addressed by two officers who saw that he was confused and had blood on his pants, sneaker and a finger injury. He had hurt himself while cutting onions, said Ayoub Y. Later he said that he had been injured in a traffic accident and also that the wound had been caused by stabbing a knife into the wall of his home on which the โ€œinsectsโ€ were walking that threatened him.

The bloody knife was found on the luggage carrier of his bike. The cops took him to the police station. The link with the death of Rik van de Rak was made later.

Psychiatric problems

During the research it was found that Ayoub Y. had been struggling with psychological problems for much longer. He was taking olanzapine against psychoses, but had already stopped doing it for several months. This important information was not known to the municipality of Bernheze because of its privacy.

The municipality had investigated the incident by research firm Necker Nam, which concluded that Bernheze had too limited information to make a good assessment of what was needed to provide assistance and housing for the status holder, who was given shelter in Heesch early January 2020.

Multiple incidents

There had been several incidents since he moved into the residence assigned to him, which made it clear that he was going downhill. He caused nuisance to his neighbors with nocturnal screams and a number of times put the local supermarket on stilts.

This afternoon, Ayoub Y. will be told what punishment the prosecutors office has in mind for him.