‘At Drommel you see what goalkeeping at PSV can do with young people this season’

Former PSV player Bjรถrn van der Doelen argues for less negativity and criticism towards football players. From experience, he knows how much stress and pressure a professional football player can experience and points to Joรซl Drommel.
Van der Doelen can be heard weekly in the Skiete Willy Podcast, which discusses the state of play at PSV. In it, he tries to keep his opinion on the plain. โ€œYou see how players sometimes suffer from the pressure and Im not put into the world to raise it even further. It is already giganticโ€, he has recorded by the Eindhovens Dagblad.
โ€œWith Joรซl Drommel, for example, you saw what goalkeeping for a club like PSV can do to young people last season,โ€ he continues. Van der Doelen will not openly burn players down. โ€œYes, the worst thing for a player is to feel sorry, but I refuse to participate in continuous flaring. I want to add a positive note and think that in the long run, people also appreciate that more in the long run.โ€