At Godlike Burger, its dangerous to leave unfried witnesses

Daedalic Entertainment and Liquid Pug studio, hitherto known for a number of mobile soliters, are working on an unusual game Godlike Burger. It is a business simulator with black humor, bagel elements and an unusual approach to resource collection. At first glance Godlike Burger does not differ from the standard simulators of fast restaurant management food, besides the fact that our burgers are located in open space.

But all the salt is in a special ingredient: the most delicious burgers are derived from the meat of slain customers. By developing a restaurant and trying to meet customer requests, we simultaneously set traps and hunt for lonely visitors.

The main thing in this case is not to attract special attention of the police, so that the traces of the massacre should be carefully swept away, and from the witnesses promptly get rid of. Godlike Burger will appear on Steam in the second quarter 2021.

In the meantime, a demo version of the game is available as part of the winter festival. You can get acquainted with her until February 9.

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