At least 20 deaths in Pakistan earthquake

An earthquake in Pakistan has at least twenty deaths. 300 people have also been injured, authorities report. The quake had a force of 5.9. The epicenter was about 100 kilometres east of the city of Quetta, in the province of Beluchistan.

The victims are mostly women and children, rescuers say. During the quake, many people were still asleep. More than a hundred mud houses have collapsed due to the quake. Hundreds of residents were left homeless in the city of Harnai. Prime Minister Khan has released additional emergency relief for the area.

In daylight, the damage to the houses can be seen:

At least four miners were killed in a coal mine. There are more coal mines in the mountainous, remote area. Even more victims among miners are feared because many of them were already working at the time of the quake.

Heavy earthquakes are more common in Pakistan, as the country lies on a fault line. In 2005, about 73,000 people were killed after a tremor with a force of 7.6 northeast of the capital Islamabad.