At least 30 deaths in Houthi rebels attack at Yemen Army Base

A ballistic missiles and drones attack at least 30 deaths on a military base in South Yemen. A military spokesman said that.

The attack was carried out by Houthi rebels, who have been at war with Yemens internationally recognized government for years. The government is backed by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, Iran supports the Houthis.

Al Anad Air Base was the target of the attack. In addition to the at least thirty deaths, at least 60 people were injured. Who the victims are is unclear. It may also include citizens.


Al Anad, about 40 kilometres north of the major port city of Aden, is the largest military base in Yemen. Houthi rebels attacked the base more often. In 2019, a military parade, among others, the head of Yemeni security was killed by a drone attack.

Consultations between the Saudi coalition and the Houthis about a truce has come to nothing lately. The Houthis want blockades of port cities and airport to be lifted in their controlled capital Sanaa before returning to the negotiating table.