‘At least 30 deaths in jihadist attack on military forces in Nigeria’

In Nigeria, more than 30 soldiers were killed in an attack by Islamic militants, sources say to press agency Reuters. The attackers may have belonged to the Nigerian branch of Islamic State (IS), but that is not yet clear.

According to sources, the attack was yesterday afternoon in the state of Borno, northeast of Nigeria. The militants wore camouflage clothing and arrived in military vehicles at the base of Nigerian soldiers in the city of Mainok.


The attackers would have taken the military base after a few hours. They also set fire to Mainoks police station, says a resident of the city. The soldiers asked the Air Force for reinforcements.

โ€œ When a jet fighter appeared, the militants fled and hid in primary school,โ€ says the resident against Reuters. By midnight, the attackers would have left again.

According to one of the soldiers attacked, the Nigerian Air Force also hit fellow soldiers because they wore the same camouflage clothing as the Islamic attackers.

On Twitter, the Air Force says to investigate these allegations:

Northern Nigeria is often affected by violence. The Islamic terror group Boko Haram regularly attacks there, as in neighbouring countries such as Niger and Cameroon.

Jihadist terrorist attacks and attacks have resulted in an estimated 30,000 deaths in Nigeria in recent years. About 2 million people lost their homes in the violence.

A few years ago, several Boko Haram members split off to start a separate movement: Islamic State in West Africa. However, that group is often referred to as Boko Haram.