At least 30 infections with British coronavariant at school Bergschenhoek

There have been at least 30 infestations with the British corona variant after an outbreak in a school. Thats what the GGD reports.

It is the primary school in Bergschenhoek (Zuid-Holland), where at least 30 people have already seen the British corona variant. The GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond reports that the infections are โ€œlinked to the school.โ€

Earlier, more than six hundred people were already tested around the school in Bergschenhoek.


another school located in the same building, people have also been infected with the mutated version of the virus, which according to the British authorities is more contagious than previous variants, but not necessarily more harmful, it seems.

The GGD and the Erasmus MC investigated the outbreak and announced the first results on Wednesday. So far 750 students, teachers and their roommates have been tested. About 10 percent of them are infected with the coronavirus. Further analyses of the genetic code of the virus should make it clear how many of these people have contracted the variant that first appeared in the United Kingdom. That could therefore be more than thirty. In a few weeks this variant became the most common in London.

Following the initial findings, the research will be extended to other schools nearby and extracurricular reception locations. Here too, employees, pupils and family members are asked to be tested to identify the outbreak. The GGD presses everyone in the meantime to adhere to all precautions. โ€œBecause of its contagiousness, it is very important to stop further spread of the virus.โ€

The outbreak study may be further expanded in the municipality of Lansingerland, which is part of Bergschenhoek. The GGD expects to be able to provide more information next week.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced last week that fifteen people in the Netherlands had been shown to have contracted the mutated version. Among them were nine cases related to the school in Bergschenhoek, under the smoke of Rotterdam. Five cases came to light in the Amsterdam region. Four nurses from Amsterdam UMC were among the infected persons. In the vicinity of Nijmegen, the British variant was found in someone who came back from England.