At least 750 complaints about parliamentary elections Russia

Russia‘s Central Election Commission has received at least 750 complaints over the past three days about possible abuses in the country’s parliamentary elections. The Home Office reports that Sunday night, according to Russian news agency Interfax.

The Central Election Commission was talking about 137 complaints on Saturday. In addition, the committee reported foreign interference. It was not said which country or countries the attacks would come from.

According to the Russian Ministry, there are no serious abuses that could affect the outcome of the elections. However, independent observers of Golos, a voter s‘rights organization, published a report on Saturday speaking of thousands of ‘irregularities‘ spread across the country. For example, people cast a vote more than once. Many of these irregularities were captured on photos or video footage.

Russia’s elections started Friday and last three days. The Russians choose a new State Duma (lower house), with 450 members. Regional and local authorities are also chosen. The first polling rooms closed Sunday afternoon (Dutch time) in the east of the country. The last polling rooms close on Sunday during the evening.

Sunday at the beginning of the evening, the turnout rate in Russia was around 45 percent. United Russia is the biggest party at the moment. According to the latest polls, the Kremlin-friendly party will retain its majority in parliament with ease.