At least eight deaths from Russian university shooting

A university shooting in the Russian city of Perm has at least six deaths. The gunman is in a hospital with injuries, authorities report. The university previously reported that the suspect had been killed.

Eight deaths were reported earlier, but that was later adjusted to six. Authorities inform that 28 people have been injured. Some of them are being treated in hospital.

Students and teachers locked themselves in classrooms during the shooting, writing Russian media. Video footage shows people jumping out of windows to escape the building. Also, students would have blocked room doors with seats to keep the shooter out.

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The suspect is an 18-year-old college student, authorities report. Nothing is known about his motive yet. Local media reports that the man posted a photo of himself on social media with a rifle, helmet and ammunition. He implied in the caption that he was driven not by politics or religion, but by hatred.

President Vladimir Putin has transferred his condolences to the survivors of the victims, a Kremlin spokesman says. Prime Minister Mikhail Misjustin has also ordered Health and Education Ministers to go to Perm.

Perm, about 1300 kilometers east of the capital Moscow, is the second Russian city to be rocked by a school shooting this year. In May, a student in Kazan shot nine people. That was the deadliest school shooting since 2018, when a student in Russian-annexed Crimea killed twenty people.

Russia has strict gun ownership rules, but it is not impossible for citizens to obtain a firearm. Some firearms are available for purchase for hunting, self-defense and sports under certain conditions. After the Kazan shooting, the minimum age for buying firearms was increased by three years to 21 years, but that law is not yet in force yet.