At least nineteen dead in New York apartment building fire

At least nineteen people were killed in a fire in an apartment complex in The Bronx district of New York, including nine children. Dozens of others were injured because they had inhaled a lot of smoke. Thirteen of them are in a critical condition in hospital, says a spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams to AP news agency.

The fire started on the second and third floors of the complex, which has a total of nineteen floors. The fire spread quickly, possibly because the door of the apartment where the fire broke out was open.

The fire brigade was equipped with large equipment:

Mayor Adams of New York calls the fire an immeasurable tragedy. โ€œThis is one of the worst fires weve seen in recent years,โ€ he said.

โ€œVictims on every floorโ€

About two hundred firefighters were summoned to fight the fire. According to Commander Daniel Nigro of the New York Fire Department, they found victims on every floor. โ€œThis is unprecedented in our city.โ€

Nigro speaks of one of the worst fires in New Yorks recent history. At a press conference, he compared with a violent fire in the Happy Land club building in 1990, killing 87 people. That fire was set.

The cause of the Bronx fire is still under investigation. The authorities dont assume arson.