At least seven dead in Congo explosion

In the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, at least seven people were killed by a bomb explosion. That happened in the city of Beni. According to a government spokesman, it is a suicide bombing. After the explosion, a crowd fled from the center of the city and many gunshots were heard.

According to Mayor Narcisse Muteba Kashale, at least two of the fatalities are children. The wounded were transferred to the hospital, he says. โ€œThe investigation into who is responsible for this attack is underway,โ€ he says to the AP news agency.


The explosion happened in an area where Islamic extremists are known to be active. The city has been regularly targeted by the Allied Democratic Forces, a terrorist organization originally from Uganda.

In June, however, an attack was carried out that was claimed by an organization linked to IS. The local terror branch said a suicide bomber targeted Christians at the time. Among other things, a Catholic church and a bar were affected.

In that attack, only the attack perpetrator was killed. There were injuries, though.