At Microsoft wrote a review of The Last of Us: Part II — “this is a very important game for the industry”

Through the publication of Microsoft confidential documents for the trial between Epic Games and Apple, not only the exclusivity period and the expected release date of S. T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

2 became known, but also other details. For example, two employees of the corporation wrote a review of The Last of Us: Part II for internal use.

It features publisher, developer, platforms, Metacritic score and sales figures. Next comes the full text with impressions.

The authors of the review note that, unlike Uncharted, where the plot is needed for gameplay, in The Last of Us everything builds around the story — for the sequel made many calm scenes where the bet is made exactly on the narrative. They are in many ways reminiscent of the plot addition for the original.

Even though players can expect another, such episodes are superbly made and show other games, especially storylines, what they should strive for on the part of dialogues, staging and Actors game. The review notes the full linearity of the story – the player can not influence the outcome of events, but this is not called a disadvantage.

Thanks to this decision, each scene is perfectly prescribed, and its production value is high. The great advantage of the continuation is called battles – in the first part they felt a battle puzzle, where it was necessary to find one correct option of action, but in sequel locations became bigger, enemies – smarter, and free actions and opportunities – much more.

However, not everything is so good – Microsoft employees dont like the very feeling of shooting, whether its Uncharted or The Last of Us. However, the latter saves the bet on stealth, which is done successfully.

But the graphics, visual performance and attention to detail are strictly praised. Naughty Dog specialists are called real professionals who still show the cutting-edge picture – no other developer can achieve a better result on consoles or PC.

It is especially impressive that the game has two full-fledged story campaigns with two separate protagonists, who have friends, and the action takes place in different locations. The game is a shocking variety of surroundings, weather and daytime cycles in different places.

The text notes the ambiguity of the plot, but praise Naughty Dog for creating the story she wanted telling is a big and risky step for the gaming industry. The Last of Us: Part II is an extremely rare game that manages to move forward the narrative for the whole environment.

Whether everyone likes her or whether its fun to play, is no longer so important. We fell in love with the game and had a great time.

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