‘At omikron is less likely to be hospitalized, but infectiousness remains worry’

According to British research, the risk of being hospitalized with the omikron variant seems to be a lot lower than in the delta variant. According to an ongoing survey by Imperial College, presented today in London, the chances of being hospitalized for at least a day are less likely to be hospitalized for at least a day. What that means for the tax of care, however, is still unclear.

โ€œWhat you can tell from this is that this variant is a lot less sickening than the delta variant. In that regard, its good news,โ€ says epidemiologist Alma Tostmann. โ€œWe saw that a little bit with data from South Africa.โ€ However, she states that that does not mean that the variant leads to fewer hospitalizations. โ€œThe bad news that you have to put against it is that with high numbers of infections, you will still have a lot of hospitalizations.โ€

Data reliable

Doctormicrobiologist and OMT member Marc Bonten also read the research with great interest. He considers the results to be โ€œthe most reliable data so farโ€. โ€œThis is a large database from England and also in the alpha variant and delta variant it turned out that they had the good estimate there pretty quickly.โ€

Like Tostmann, Bonten is partly positive, but also comes with the side note because of the higher infectiousness. โ€œYou have to counter these results against the number of people who get infected. If thats twice as much as the delta variant, you have just as many people who end up in the hospital.โ€

Less sickening

The new dates will also be discussed tomorrow in the OMT consultation, expect Bonten. โ€œWe can use these numbers in the models and I assume that in the OMT consultation we will immediately see the latest calculations.โ€

Bonten says that this variant is already known to spread a lot faster than the delta variant โ€œbecause it is probably more intrinsically contagious and our defenses work less well. In any case, these dates suggest that it is a little less sickening.โ€

Tostmann warns that the new data certainly does not mean that unvaccinated people now have to worry less to be able to end up in the hospital. โ€œYoure less likely than with the delta variant to end up in the hospital, but youre still much more likely than if youre vaccinated.โ€