‘At Oranje I always ask for piano in my room, Klaassen and Akรฉ play too. ‘

Stefan de Vrij always has a special request when he comes to the selection of the Dutch team. The defender of Internazionale always asks for a piano in his hotel room, he tells the Volkskrant.
De Vrij likes to listen to the classical pianist Ludovico Einaudi. โ€œEvery year he gives about fifteen concerts in Milan and in a year I went to something of eight. Hes so passionate. I met him and I went to his place. Because of him I started playing the pianoโ€, says De Free. โ€œWithout a teacher for the time being. Playing an instrument for an hour is also a good exercise for your brain, coordination and creativity.โ€
A video where De Vrij plays together with the famous cellist Redi Hasa during his concert went viral last month. โ€œThat was very exciting, because I only played a year and was introduced as
a great pianist, haha. I always ask if I can get a piano in my room at Orange. You have to keep track of it. Nathan Akรฉ and Davy Klaassen also play the piano. Ha, maybe we can start a tape.โ€

From the center, to the wing.Stefan de Vrij behind the piano in the Teatro Comunale di Nardรฒ. @Stefandevrij ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽช pic.twitter.com/RY5PCHN2FV
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