‘At Schiphol almost lost my foot! ‘

That one magical journey, that drama holiday and always in the suitcase: travelers share their experiences. Today: Jonneke de Zeeuw (33), owner foodbox Mooncake.

The craziest

โ€œDo you have a minute? The weirdest things. From a robbed apartment to a stay in a monastery in Thailand to great parties and unexpected encounters with a bunch of art dealers in Istanbul.โ€


โ€œA far too long bus trip I made as a teenager to a destination in Croatia. Or the time I flew from Paris to London around Christmas to find out once in London that our place of sleep had been canceled. Everything was full and we ended up in a meager hostel.โ€

โ€œ Fortunately, I never lost my bags.

Almost my foot! On a roller path at Schiphol was a woman who didnt understand how her luggage cart worked. Her cart was on the brake, and she didnt know how to take it off when she got upstairs. Of course, the rolling path continued. My foot was pushed through her luggage and her cart. Almost missed my plane. Still achieved, with two feet.โ€

Ultimate gadget

โ€œMy phone. But actually I also like to travel without a connection.โ€

Always along

โ€œA small notebook for memories, recipes, ideas.โ€

Best meeting

โ€œIn Istanbul with friends of friends who took me everywhere, let me taste everything and see. In a way thats unusual here. I almost went to live there.โ€

Weirdest local food

โ€œThai pie with coconut, pandan, taro, garlic and caramelized onions. Fantastic!โ€

Favourite address

โ€œIn Marrakesh, I got an unforgettable upgrade to Dar Sabra, a hotel outside the city. The suite I slept in had a bed on a stage and a huge bathtub and was so big that I easily reached my 30 minutes of movement by walking from the toilet to the bed and back again. Everywhere art, a fireplace and beautiful carpets and one very long wall consisted entirely of window. I was looking out over a pool. Magical.โ€


โ€œThe plane as a means of transport. Traveling by train I like better. The bus actually, if it stays under five hours. You see much more, it feels like a school trip and you dont have to breathe each others air for hours in a row.โ€

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