At the end of the line, license extension for critical Polish news channel.

The TVN24 critical news channel is allowed to continue broadcasting in Poland. It was previously taken into account that the license would be revoked due to a contentious media law, but the Polish regulator has now renewed the license anyway.

The broadcast license would expire next Sunday. It had been in danger after the lower house passed a contentious amendment to the media law last month. The law states that non-European companies should not have a majority stake in Polish media. TVN24 is largely owned by the American Discovery,

According to the government, the law should prevent foreign influence through the media, but critics argued that the law adaptation was intended to further restrict the freedom of the press in the country. Millions of people watch the independent news channel every day.

Dutch license

However, the Polish House of Lords opposed the media law a few weeks ago. Then government party Pis announced to vote again in the House of Commons, which could overrule the House of Lords decision. President Duda has yet to give his approval.

Incidentally, TVN24 recently received a broadcasting licence in the Netherlands, which allowed the channel to continue broadcasting in Poland and the rest of the European Union anyway.