At the opening of his trial, Jonathann Daval reaffirms that he killed his wife Alexia alone

โ€œYesโ€: After multiplying versions and lies during the investigation, Jonathann Daval maintained Monday as the sole author of the murder of his wife Alexia in 2017, on the first day of his trial in front of the Asises of Haute-Saรดne.

Invited at the end of the morning by the president of the Assise Court Matthieu Husson to say if he confirmed that he was โ€œthe only one involved in the death of (his) wifeโ€, the 36 year old computer scientist, with reddened eyes and on the verge of tears, soberly replied โ€œyesโ€.

More than forty media outlets are accredited to follow the five days of hearing, in the small court of Vesoul where there was an unusual bustle on Monday morning with a strong police presence, dozens of journalists, satellite trucks…

โ€œYou should not be judged differently because this case has had a special impact. I owe you impartiality,โ€ President Husson told the accused in an allusion to the extreme media coverage of this case.

โ€œHypothetical rapeโ€
โ€œForget about media coverage,โ€ he again urged. โ€œLook at the court and the jurors, they will judge you.โ€

Looking at his family and Alexias relatives, the 30th anniversary, tried for โ€œspousal murderโ€ and who was liable to life imprisonment, had entered the accuseds box shortly after 9:00am, slimmed and dressed in a sailor.

The hearing began with the appointment of jurors, five women and one man, in the small paneled room of the sitting yard where large white crosses drawn on the benches recall the health constraints in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The first passage of arms between lawyers was not long when those of the civil party, Mrs Cathy Richard and Gilles-Jean Portejoie, referred to a possible premeditation and a hypothetical rape of the victim, two points that had been dismissed by the investigating judge.

โ€œNo further investigation into an ante or post-mortem rapeโ€ was requested by the civil party during the two years of investigation of the case, counsel for Jonathann Daval, Mr. Randall Schwerdorffer replied promptly.

From this trial, Alexia, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillots parents who have long considered the accused as their son await โ€œnew revelationsโ€. Isabelle Fouillot would like to speak directly to him on Tuesday, โ€œif I canโ€.

The case, which occurred in autumn 2017, had profoundly marked minds as the scale of violence against women broke out in the open with wave #MeeToo.

โ€œJust Punishmentโ€
On October 30, the partially calcined body of Alexia Daval, a 29-year-old bank employee, was found under branches, in a wood a few kilometers from the Daval
s home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saรดne).

It was her husband, Jonathann, who reported two days earlier the disappearance of his wife during a jogging.

The following days, the thirtiest tears face appeared in the media.

But in January 2018, the lamented widower, placed in custody, cracks and confessed to the murder of his wife, which he said occurred during a violent dispute.

It followed two years of investigation during which Jonathann delivered several versions, retracting himself and then accusing his brother-in-law, before acknowledging the murder again at a shocking hearing before the investigating judge.

In June 2019, he finally confessed during the reenactment to have set the remains of Alexia on fire.

On the night of the murder, Jonathann said he refused sexual intercourse to his wife, who in return was violent, blaming him of โ€œnot being a manโ€.

Alexia, โ€œviolent in words and deedsโ€, โ€œhumiliated herโ€, argued during the investigation the accused, who said that she โ€œstrangledโ€ and โ€œstruck her to keep her silentโ€, but without wanting to kill her.

At the hearing, one of his counsel, Me Ornella Spatafora, questioned the investigative director, Chief Warrant Officer Franck Paredes, about the heated messages exchanged by the two spouses, Jonathann appearing โ€œlittle careโ€ than a more โ€œdirectโ€ Alexia and who criticized him for โ€œerection problemsโ€ and the impossibility of having โ€œrelationshipsโ€ (sexual)accomplishedโ€.

But the image of a dominant Alexia revulses the victims parents.

โ€œI dont want this to be Alexias trial,โ€ Ms. Fouillot warned. The verdict is expected on Friday.