Atlas Rogues has new freelancers and general inventory

Studio gamigo released another update of the tactical bagel Atlas Rogues. And in it players get access to two new freelancers, Blackburn and Pup. PuP has a solid health reserve, and it is able to stun enemies in melee combat.

And to move into melee, PuP can jump on enemies and tie them to itself. Blackburn is a long-range fighter, he throws grenades, jumps into shelters and is able to call airship on the battlefield.

In addition to new freelancers and skins, the update brings a number of innovations to the gameplay. Players in the cooperative can now enjoy a shared inventory and a common set of talents.

Improved the block system, in particular the increased bonus that the shelter gives. Atlas Rogues is currently in early Steam access.

You can buy the game for 1531 rubles. More on CCeit Bugsnax sold perfectly, although it was free Authors Factorio prepare a large addition Sales series The Wizards exceeded 200 thousand copies.