‘Atlético fears disaster scenario: Suárez can use special clause’

Luis Suárez has doubts about his future at Atlético Madrid. The Uruguayan striker has a clause in his contract that allows him to leave free of transfer after this season and the Madrians fear that he will use it.
It was already clear that Suárez had such a clause included in his contract, but at that time Atlético would not be afraid of the possible departure of El Pistolero. That fear is now present, says El Mundo Deportivo. Other clubs might just tempt Suárez to leave the Spanish capital for free this summer.
If that happens, Atlético can‘t do anything about it, so the question is what the striker wants. MD writes that Suárez is still at ease in Wanda Metropolitano. The Uruguayan is club top scorer on behalf of his current club with nineteen goals, but has already been eliminated in the Champions League and threatens to give off the Spanish title with his team.
Should Suárez decide not to make use of the clause, he will still be in Atléti until mid-2022. At that time, he’
s 35 years old.