Attack arrow and bow Kongsberg according to police possible due to illness suspect

According to police, the bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg, Norway, appears to stem from an illness the suspect has. The 37-year-old man has been transferred to a psychiatric institution after an initial medical evaluation.

The suspect is a Dane who has lived in Kongsberg for much of his life. There he attacked people with bow and arrow and other weapons on Wednesday. Five of his eight victims died of their injuries. He made a confession.

According to police investigations, the man has an illness. Sources close to the suspect have told Norwegian news channel NRK that the suspect had long had mental health problems and had been an outsider since his teens.

Little is known at the moment about why the man attacked people. Police initially said it appeared to be an act of terrorism, but did not exclude the fact that there are mental problems in the game. The psychiatric evaluation started Thursday and may take months to go on.

The court has decided that the man should remain in custody for another four weeks, as prosecutors requested. He must be in isolation for the first two weeks and should not receive a visit during his custody.