Au! Vogel bites Germany boss

As an important politician, you want to present yourself as best you can. But Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany, went wrong for a moment. During a photo moment she was bitten by a bird. Just that moment was captured by a photographer. The photo is going viral now.

There are elections in Germany on Sunday. After that Merkel stops as leader of Germany. But until then, she still advertises her party. A visit to a bird park was on the program.

Two food trays

Merkel was even allowed to feed the birds in the parrot house. With two trays of food, she was placed among the birds. Soon she had her hands full of the animals. And that resulted in some nice photos at first.

But a little later things went wrong. One parrot was clearly not a Merkel voter and bit her in the finger.

Another ohoe?

After the bite incident, Merkel was asked if she wanted to hold an oehoe as well. Well, she had little desire to do that anymore.