Auassar drains: “I see a few walking around with us, a few sufheads”

After the away match against RKC Waalwijk, the steam came out of the ears with Sparta captain Adil Auassar. The Castle Club lost the relegation cracker in Waalwijk, due to a goal by Michiel Kramer in the very last minute.
Auassar thought it was unbelievable that Sparta made it this far. For my sense, youre the parent party, you press the whole game, you get plenty of opportunities, they almost dont shoot target, I think! And if you get him like that… , the 35-year-old left-leg fetched in conversation with ESPN.
A number of Spartans did not go free, found Auassar. I see a couple of us walking around, a few sufheads. I dont know whats going on with them… But its a shame if you lose to RKC today (Saturday, ed.). With all due respect.
Sparta continues to last with seven points out of ten games and saw the gate shutter PEC Zwolle run two points. RKC just jumped and is in a tentative twelfth place, with ten points.