Auction company persists: Cadillac did belong to Freddy Heineken

UPDATE The battle around the question of whether an auctioned Cadillac now belonged to Freddy Heineken continues to flare up. The buyer will not pay until proof has been provided.

The Fleetwood Brougham was sold last week by BVA Auctions to the highest bidder. Zakenglossy Quote reported earlier that this would not be true. BVA Auctions continues to maintain that according to their information, the car did belong to the brewer.

Last week the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was auctioned for EUR 56 000. The buyer seemed to be buying a special piece of Dutch history, as the Cadillac was said to have been heavily armoured by Heineken itself on the occasion of its famous abduction in 1983.

Fleetwood has oxygen tank

The Fleetwood auctioned had, among other things, five-centimetre-thick windows and an oxygen tank in the luggage compartment against gas attacks.

The whole story turned when Ton Thies, an alleged former owner, and other sources to Quote claimed that the car in question never belonged to Heineken.

In the meantime Autovisie has been in contact with BVA Auctions, which still claims to be certain about the history of the car. In our opinion, this Cadillac belonged to Heineken, says Hans Winter of BVA Auctions. The specification is fully in line with the adjustments Heineken had made in the 1980s. We have done business with parties we know and trust and we have the data from the last transaction of the car

Was the cadillac green?

However, Ton Thies, the former owner of a company specialising in VIP transport, says that the car auctioned was his. Thies told Quote yesterday that in the 1980s he armoured his Cadillacs in the same way as Heineken. Also, according to him – and other sources opposite Quote – Heineken‘s original Cadillac was green.

Mr. Thies contacted us shortly after the auction closed and told us this story, Winter explains to Autovisie. We immediately reported this to the buyer and the transaction has not yet been completed. No money has yet been paid for the car. We first want to find out the history of this car so that the owner knows what he is buying

Nothing black on white

Winter makes it clear that the truth is not yet outdated. Indeed, we do not have it written in black and white that this car belonged to Heineken. But everything points to it. For example, we are currently in contact with Heineken’s former guards who confirm that the car was blue. We are now trying to get in touch with as many people as possible who can verify that and hopefully provide us with clarity

According to Winter, Ton Thies is also unable to indicate in black and white that this was his car. He only sent us a piece of text and photographs of a black Cadillac. Nor can he indicate that, according to him, he sold Heineken’s green car to that Russian minister. We have not yet seen any documents of that. Moreover, the Heineken Group has informed us that they cannot confirm or rule out that the lot we auctioned off was Freddy Heineken’s lot

BVA auctions sucks

Nevertheless, BVA Auctions does not like this case and hopes to shed light on the car as soon as possible. The buyer is still very enthusiastic, but we are waiting with the transaction until we have more clarity. If the whole story turns out not to be true, then we will look for a solution for this lot. It is possible that we will arrive at a different price or that the car will not be sold at all. But it‘s too early to say anything about that: we have to find out the truth first’, concludes Winter.