Audience allowed during Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Have already made a dance of joy! ‘

Under strict conditions, the Eurovision Song Contest may receive a definitive audience. The biggest music show in the world had already been designated as a test event, but it was only Thursday evening that a final blow was given by the cabinet.

It was just as exciting whether permission would come, because as a rule of thumb, no more than 900 intensive care beds could be occupied. In recent days the line-up decreased from 841 to 814, but it is expected that it will increase again in the week of the Song Contest, the week of 17 May.

Negative test proof

If you have obtained a ticket โ€” the ticket sales will start on 8 May โ€” must be able to show a valid negative test proof on entry that is not older than 24 hours. In addition, they are asked to undergo a post-test five days after the event.

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are super happy that they have a chance to be there. 27-year-old Jade from Beast from Helmond says: โ€œNow get a ticket. Then I really believe it. Preferably with the best possible visibility, but the rear row is also good. I have just made a dance of joy at home.โ€

Dont miss the opportunity

Van Beast, who already bought tickets last year, still fears that the organization can say a day in advance that there is no public welcome after all. โ€œBut for the time being, it sounds good. In the Netherlands I have been going to many Songfestival parties in recent years, but I have never been to the real Song Contest. Of course, I dont want to miss that opportunity. Secretly I hope that I walk into the greenroom unnoticed, the place where all participating artists gather.โ€

She has already made a study of all the entries that participate in Rotterdam. โ€œMany performances of the show in Ahoy have already been announced. I support the Netherlands, of course, but I would also love to see the entries from San Marino, France and Switzerland. Those songs are very beautiful.โ€


In Ahoy is 3500 men to the public during nine shows. Thats a lot less than Ahoy can normally accommodate. There will only be seats.

For example, Ahoy has an extensive corona protocol that also applies to foreign artists, their entourage and press. โ€œDelegations are considerably smaller and most journalists will follow the Eurovision Song Contest this year in an online press centre,โ€ says executive producer Sietse Bakker. โ€œBy testing everyone in Ahoy every 48 hours and letting artists move within our so-called Safe Harbour, we want to keep the coronavirus out as much as possible. And unlike previous editions, no parties will be held this year.โ€