Australia, United Kingdom and US to share defence technology

The United States is establishing a new partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom in the field of advanced technology sharing. President Biden and Prime Ministers Johnson and Morrison announced that at a joint press conference.

Under the name AUUKUS, the three countries will share information and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and defence. The first task of the partnership is to help Australia build a nuclear powered submarine fleet.

Australia states a $90 billion submarine order with France for this, reports news site Politico. Instead, a new fleet of nuclear submarines manufactured in the United States is now being purchased.


The pact is seen as a move by the allies to form a front against China, reduce Chinas rise in defence technology, and jointly form a kind of technological superpower.

The United Kingdom and the United States have been sharing information about the development of new submarines for a long time. Involving Australia in this programme could be an important step forward in increasing their impact on the Pacific Ocean.

Prime Minister Johnson speaks of โ€œa new chapterโ€ in friendly relations between the countries. President Biden stresses that everyone involved recognise that, in the long term, everyone benefits from stability in the Indo-Pacific region, and that this pact is contributing to that.