Australian persecuted to panic with shark alarm

A man has been accused in southeastern Australia of irresponsibly causing unnecessary fear with a shark alarm.

According to the police, the 48-year-old defendant accidentally caught a white shark while fishing and removed the small transmitter from the fin that regional authorities once applied to monitor the sharks activity. The man released the shark again and started to panic along the coast of the place where he lives with the shark alarm. He is accused of deliberately sending acoustic detection signals in the water seven times between August and September.

The so-called acoustic transmitter emits a signal that triggers a shark alarm when the animal swims near an acoustic receiver. The alarm is then sent to tens of thousands of people in the area.

The police in Albany also blame him that by his intervention, the previously traced shark can now turn up surprisingly everywhere. The man has sown fear of a supposedly approaching shark at least seven times. According to the police, it is not only harmful because of the needless fear, but also for people active in coastal waters. The man must appear in court in Albany November 4, local media reported.