Austrian (66) hides dead mother in basement to pay retirement and care allowance

A 66-year-old Austrian has hid his late mothers body in a basement for a year to collect her New Day Care and Care Allowance. The man was caught by an observant mailman.

The mailman came to deliver an envelope with her retirement. He wanted to see the woman in real life, but when the son said he couldnt, the alarm bells started ringing. The pension agency dived into the case, which led to a lurid discovery.

During a search last Saturday, officers found a body in the basement. The son was arrested and he admitted hiding his dead mother in order to benefit from her retirement and care allowance. The woman passed away from old age a year ago.

The man would not have income, according to his own words. Nor would he have any money to pay for her funeral. This seemed like a good way out to him.


The Austrian went on a refined job. He had kept his mother in cooling elements so that the body did not stink, the local police say to regional broadcaster ORF Tirol. He removed body fluids with bandages. He then covered the body with cat litter. This caused the body to be mummified.

The son had come up with all sorts of excuses as well. When his brother came to visit, he said their mother was in hospital because of dementia. Everyone took their story true. But after a year full of lies and excuses, the man fell through the basket.

The 66-year-old man is charged with fraud and disruption of death. He managed to collect a total of 50,000 euros over his dead mothers back.