Austrian Government Party Searches, Chancellor Corruption Suspect

The Public Prosecutors Office of Austria has searched the office of Chancellor Kurz, the headquarters of his party ÖVP and the Ministry of Finance. Some suspects have also been investigated. Kurz and nine others, including some top advisors, are suspected of corruption and bribery practices.

According to suspicion, the Treasury Department has paid for ÖVP polls. Those polls were then printed in a newspaper, for which the publisher was rewarded by buying ads.

Austrian media points to the Österreich newspaper, but it denies in all key words. At no time has there been an appointment between our media group and the Treasury Department where advertising was paid for polls.

It is the second serious suspicion against Chancellor Kurz in a short period of time. He was already under the magnifying glass of justice because he may have committed perjury. That investigation is still underway.