Austrian media surprised by PSV ambiance: ‘A lot of fireworks outside the stadiums’

The Austrian media also felt it: PSV was far too strong for Sturm Graz, which could only limit itself to defending in the Philips Stadium. According to the Austrians, the fact that the counter remained stuck at 2-0 is still positive.
Sturm Graz fought for the last chance to become third in the group, but there was little to notice of that in Eindhoven. โ€œThere was nothing for Sturm Graz at all,โ€ Die Presse had also seen. ‘That was a disappointment, especially because the Dutch top team all had to miss important players. Unfortunately, the sensation remained out. ‘
Die Kleine Zeitung was a lot more positive and came with compliments for the guests from Graz and the fans of PSV. ‘Sportively, Sturm Graz may have had little more to gain in the Netherlands, but the evening ultimately had plenty to offer: there was a lot of fireworks outside the stadium and Graz’s defence strategy can be called successful.
That the subtopper from the Austrian Bundesliga had the things defensively in order, Kurier was also noticed. ‘
PSV ruled and Sturm Graz could only stop, which was still going quite well. Offensive, they just didn‘t manage to put anything against it. Unfortunately, unlike outside the Philips Stadium, there was little talk of fireworks on the field. ‘