Author Apparition entrusted with work on Thief Simulator 2

Publishing house PlayWay announced the sequel to one of its most successful games, Thief Simulator. The company commissioned the Ultimate Games division to work on it. And then entrusted Thief Simulator 2 to independent developer MrCiastKu, known for horror Apparition and Shadow series.

However, this may still change. The continuation of Thief Simulator will be larger and more diverse than the original.

Instead of one card we are waiting for as many as three, each with their own homes and places where you can get money or spend it. Players will now be able to clean not only the abodes of citizens, but also plan large-scale robberies of restaurants, banks and other places.

We will have new thieving tools and special skills. We will also be able to steal many more types of cars, up to sports expensive cars.

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