Author of Phasmophobia after success revised plans to develop the game

The maker of Phasmophobia did not expect such cooperative horror success, counting on to a modest start with a peak online of 500 people. Therefore, the author had to completely review plans for the development of the game in the near future. In an interview with IGN, the developer under the nickname Dknighter stated that initially early access should have not lasted long.

To the โ€œfull-fledged releaseโ€, he intended to add mostly new content โ€” locations, ghosts and gear. However, now that the game has been leading the Steam and Twitch charts for a week, it is necessary to adapt.

Now we need to improve the technical part โ€” increase productivity and stability, as well as fix the bug. The first major update will be released soon โ€” its just about is directed at all this.

Then the developer will switch to creating new content, which will also be released through large patches. Although everything can be tried before release through the testing program on Steam.

At the same time, do not expect the appearance of a competitive mode, where a team of people will look for a ghost under the control of another player The idea of PvP was abandoned because the project would become something completely different โ€” it is, in general, related to other additional modes. In the first 6 weeks, sales of Phasmophobia exceeded 2 million copies.

Only one Dknighter is responsible for the development of the project. The game updated the peak online record for Halloween โ€” then more than 112 thousand people played at the same time.

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