Authors 80 Days and Heavens Vault unexpectedly released Detective Overboard!

Independent studio Inkle, known for the adventure games 80 Days and Heavens Vault, released its new project on RS, iOS and Nintendo Switch without prior announcements. This is a text detective adventure Overboard, in which the main mystery is known immediately: the murder is committed by our heroine. Action game takes place aboard the ship SS Hook, which in eight hours will arrive in New York โ€” and were gone unless someone else by then is charged with murdering the heroines husband.

Players will have to resort to any means to get dry out of the water. Developers bet on the endless replayability of Overboard: the game has a lot of possibilities and unexpected turns, and all the characters in it act independently and remember everything they saw and heard.

One passage will take 30-40 minutes, but it may be far from the ideal. Buy Overboard on Steam for 306 rubles, with a release discount.

The game, unfortunately, does not support the Russian language. More on Gambling To MMO-action Rubber Bandits released a prologue and a new trailer Real-time Strategy Liquidation will make us gods Complete the game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.