Authors Chernobylite began telling the games mythology

Polish studio The Farm 51 has released a new video dedicated to the Chernobylite role-playing survivor. And it is unusual: with it developers start a series Chernobylite Lore, dedicated to the history and mythology of the world of Chernobyl. It will tell about characters, places, enemies, friends.

And the first was Oliver, who often helps Igor. As we remember, Chernobylite is still in early access to Steam and GOOG.

But the developers are working hard on the Mega patch, the biggest pre-release update of the game. The patch should complete the plot, add a number of side missions, fix a lot of bugs and make improvements to the game mechanics.

Specifically, the developers have improved the save system, players will have several additional slots. Equipment and equipment of associates will allow you to inspect and improve.

However, at death, the hero will now lose several random pieces from the backpack. Mega Patch Chernobylite is due out in April.

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