Authors Destruction AllStars spoke about network bots and other innovations

Developers from the studio Lucid Games talked about the coming innovations for Destruction AllStars. Global hangouts. Allow players to team up with friends to search for matches in any single player and team modes.

Playlists. Authors want to simplify the selection and search of matches of favorite modes.

Network bots. Matches will be filled with as many real players as possible, but in the absence of a certain number of players in the queue for the match, the remaining places will be taken by bots.

The exception will be the competitive mode โ€œBlitzโ€, where bots will never be. In addition, the developers work on the balance and abilities of the characters, as well as plan to improve the sensations in collision time and fix so-called โ€œghost hitsโ€ .

The release date of all of the above innovations, improvements and fixes is not yet known. More on Gambling Now the survival simulator Grounded will be less likely to receive updates Capcom left producer Resident Evil Village and remakes Resident Evil 2 and 3 The authors of Scavengers will gather together 5000 players and see what happens.